VGA output on Beagleboard-XM


I want to design a VGA extension board for the XM-A3 and would be glad
to accept any design references for VGA output on OMAP.

Thank you!

That can help you …


2012/7/3 Maxim Podbereznyy <>

CircuitCo seems to have taken down all references to the adapter they made. It would have been a good starting point, but apparently it wasn’t 100% functional.

Thanks, Jason!

where can I find their scheme?

Hamza, thanks for help, but I already found it and don't think it's
very good approach to use a resistor based DAC

Maxim , Actually if u find another solution that can be more usefull , please also let me know.I wanted to try something like that , but as you said , that wasnt a good solution that’s why i gave up.

Thanks in advance …


2012/7/3 Maxim Podbereznyy <>

Hamza, watch the attached picture