VIdeo is not enabled with latest Angtrom build running from microSD card in BeagleBone Black


I’ve tried these two latest images on a 8Gb microSD card:



In both cases, the board boots, and it shows the beaglebone logo image for a few seconds and a login ASCII screen, but then, the HDIM video is off.

I can access the board via Serial cable (FTDI), but is seems the HDMI video is disabled.

When booting from the eMMC with the original build from manufacturing, the video works fine on that same board, so there is no HDMI cable, power issues.

Any idea how to enable the HDMI video when using the latest Angtrom build booting from microSD card



it sounds like you have a similar problem to what I had experienced.

There is a thread in google groups somewhere (can’t find it) about this issue but I wrote it up here link as well
My specfic situation was for debian, but some others have indicated it works for angstrom too.

maybe have a look at this to see if it can give you some clues.

good luck

with the good link