Virtualisation on Beagleboard


Beagleboard is fine for multimedia application, but due to its small
power consumption I think it's also a nice host for small server
applications running 24/7. As it's better to put them into virtual
machines, I'm looking for information on how to get virtualisation
running on BB. Searching for it you find a lot about virtualisation of
beagleboards, but nearly nothing about virtual machines running on
beagleboard. The only thing I found was this old post:

which recomends:
You can get vzctl by doing 'opkg update ; opkg install vzctl'

but there is no vzclt available in opkg resources anymore. Is openvz
no longer supported by angstom?
Is there any other virtualisation available? Qemu, XEN, ...? I could
not find anything with 'opkg list'.

Perhaps more chances with gentoo?
Does anybody run virtual machines on BB?

kind regards