VNC on BBB from the very beginning (possible)?

Actually here’s one better type “x11vnc -forever” and it will let you log in as many times as you want as long as you keep the terminal open on the black.


Nice! Thank you!

Your welcome.


If any body would like for me to do a walk through on how to get it to run at start up let me know and i’ll do one. Can’t do it now since i’m at work and i’m sure my boss would not take to kindly to me doing it on his time. But i can do it either tonight or tomorrow.


Thanks Wil

Go for it !

hope no one minds that i grabbed the VNC stuff and created a short
wiki page for it:

(i didn't actually try that yet as i'm in the middle of downloading
the latest flasher image so i'll go back later today, test it, and
update the wiki page accordingly.)

  as i mentioned once upon a time, i'm just trying to collect links or
summarize stuff for the BBB that i can use in future embedded linux
classes. i'm just tossing everything here for now:

that will definitely need some reorg shortly, but if folks can point
to really good, verified, BBB-related tutorials out there on the
intertoobz, i'll be happy to add them to my list, and give everyone
proper credit.

  ok, back to device trees ...


Not at all. It's there to help others out.


Dear sir, i have tried all the above solutions but when i use vncviewer (using vncviewer, I get the following error

vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused
Unable to connect to VNC server

please help. i have tried rebooting many times and i have also execute x11vnc -bg -o %HOME/.x11vnc.log.%VNCDISPLAY -auth /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gdm*/database -display :0 - forever - nopw
on BBB. I am using kali linux.


It sounds like you are using incorrect port number. If you can get a terminal and run VNC from there it will tell you what port it is on towards the end of the output. Or you can sequentially increase port number by one until you find the correct port.