VNC server on Beaglebone

Has anyone gotten a VNC server running on Beaglebone? I have installed
the x11vnc program using opkg, after adding the Angstrom armv7a base
feed to my /etc/opkg directory. However, when trying to run a
vncserver session, I receive the following error:

x11vnc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any ideas what else needs to be done to get this working? Thanks for
your guidance.

Do you have install the libgcc files?

opkg install libgcc1
opkg install libgcc-dev

May be it help.

Hi David,

I was able to get a VNC server running on the Android OS for
BeagleBone, but unfortunately I need it to run on the Angstrom
distro. Have you had any luck with this?

The closest I got was using the TI Sitara distro that came with the
bone. I did an "opkg update" and "opkg upgrade", installed the x11vnc
application, and was able to use the -create parameter to supposedly
spawn an X11 process and get the BeagleBone listening on port 5900,
but unfortunately it crashes every time I attempt to connect.

Well as an update to this I can say I got Ubuntu 11.04 running on the Beaglebone, and I’m able to VNC into it. It’s not terribly fast, but it does work.


Can you please attach link to instructions for me to set this up

install server:
$opkg install tightvnc-viewer

run server:
x11vnc --forever

then use VNC client form other PC
I hope to be helpful in your purposes,

How do you make the vnc server start every time the Beagle boots?


in Angstrom:
go to “startup application preferences”

Command: /usr/bin/x11vnc -forever

that’s all

I must be going crazy. I’ve installed x11vnc and various dependencies, set it up to kick off twm and an xterm, start x11vnc and start vncviewer on another machine. A window pops up, left-click gets me the twm manager, looks good. But there’s no xterm…

Look in the log and see xterm can’t be found! There is no xterm in the Angstrom distro. No packages list it either.

Regular Beaglebone, Angstrom updated and upgraded, etc.

Can anyone spare an xterm?


I meant to say, there is no xterm in the Angstrom Beaglebone image, or in opkg installable packages…


I have angstrom on beaglebone. And installed x11vnc (server) on the board. When I run the server, it crashes without throwing any error.

And assuming that the server is running, if i try to connect from a host, it says “Connection refused” on the host side.

Any suggestions are helpful.


Hi guys,

I had an issue making a VNC connection to my BBB from a windows 8.1 computer. I had to reuse this BBB from another project and had disabled the HDMI cape. That prevented the screen from being shared. So I just re enabled the HDMI cape and could establish the connection again. It’s sort of a con that I’m not able to use some PRU pins and be able to access the BBB remote desktop. Anyway, I hope this helps someone else.