vncserver on the BBB

Has anyone had any success setting up a vncserver on the BBB using Angstrom ? When trying to install x11vnc, opkg failed to find the package.

You can try

Well, it installed after today’s updates. Looks like I still have some configuring to do but at thsi point, just installing is promising,

I too was finally able to install x11vnc from the opkg repo. I used the following command to start the vnc server on my beagleboneblack: “x11vnc -usepw -display :0” . I’m using xtightvncviewer (vnc client) on my PC(running Debian Wheezy). Every time I try to connect, I authenticate the VNC server and then get the a frozen gnome-angstrom login screen. I’m unable to proceed any further.

I got the same result with another vnc viewer as well

If anyone got this working I’d appreciate any advice that you might have regarding this matter

I build my own packages, using oe build scripts.

Following these instructions it is possible to connect to the board:

But, I could not use remote keyboard and mouse. Have you face similar problem?

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