Volatility Statement/Letter


I was wondering if there happened to already be a statement of volatility for the BeagleBone Black product?

Would it be possible to obtain a copy of this statement/letter?

Please advise if this is something that can be obtained.

Thank you for your time!

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There is no such letter available for this development board as such and there won’t be.

It cannot be bricked and can always be re-flashed if the eMMC is affected.
If you turn off the power the eMMC is still there but the SDRAM is not preserved.
If you load bad code it can modify the eMMC to the point that the board will not boot.
Internal ROM can be used to fix this event by using the internal boot loader to reflashed the board.

Any user data that may be stored is a result of the SW that may be run on the board and the HW does not prevent any data form being stored. This board runs dozens of versions of Linux and dozens of Linux distros.

As such, this board is not a finished product and is not offered as such.



I had to look up what such a letter would be.

I found http://howtowritealetter.net/letter-of-volatility.html

I’m not sure of the value as the detailed specifications are already public. How would this be put to practical use? What liability are we opening ourselves to?

Special Computing routinely provides Letter of Volatility with our “NoLogo” boards for commercial use and are treated as proprietary information. Our customer tends to issue their own form letter for their vendors to fill out. Letters of Volatility are used to assist in defining procedures to safely sanitize the equipment prior to removing the equipment and/or releasing the equipment for use in another area of operation.