VS Code Timing Out When I Attempt to Navigate to

Hi there!

I just opened by BeaglePlay box, plugged it into my desktop using a USB-A to USB-C cable, and followed the instructions from the Quick Start Guide. When I first plugged in my board, I was able to direct to without issue (beyond the expected security warning). Continuing to follow Introductory Guides, I found the direction that said to download the latest software using an SD card, but to ensure my device was powered off before doing so. I “ejected” the Beagle Getting Started USB port, thinking that it would allow me to safely remove the device, but in the process lost access to both the Beagle Getting Started and the VS Code. I was able to follow online directions that allowed me to reinstall the software, and the Beagle Getting Started USB port is now back up-and-running, but when I try to direct to the, I am receiving the notice that the site can’t be reached because the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Has anyone else dealt with this and could give advice on next steps? I appreciate it!

What image did you reinstall on your board?

I installed the image that is just called “beagle” (it’s an ico file). I downloaded the BeaglePlay 11.8 2023-10-07 8GB eMMC Home Assistant Flasher Zip File from the Latest Software Images page of BeagleBoard (Latest Software Images - BeagleBoard) and sent it through BaleanEtcher.

That is a purpose built image, all it runs is Home Assistant… Onboarding Home Assistant - Home Assistant


Ah! Should I try the Xfce Flasher instead?

The xfce flasher will have VSCode pre-installed…

It worked! Thank you so much!