Want to buy Beagleboards

Hi there,

I want to buy some Beagleboards; but, they are out of stock now. I checked Mouser and the web page states that the estimated ship date will be 2/12/2010. In Digikey, the Digikey part number seems tied to the board revision number. So, I am not sure if I want to place order with the Digikey part number that tied to rev C. I remember someone posted a message saying that the new Beagleboards will be available sooner. Anyone knows anything about the new Beagleboard?

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We have shipped some more Rev C3 boards to Digikey this week. The next Rev is C4. If you want to know when those will start shipping, well I would like to know as well. We can’t get all the components we need to build them. I can’t say when those components will finally be shipped to us. We are going on a day by day basis at this point. We hope to ship these before then end of the year, but I can’t promise anything.


Thanks Gerald. I will contact Digikey tomorrow.

Gerald Coley wrote:

Good luck! I would get an order in as soon as you can!


Yep - seems like semiconductors are going back on allocation. When
slowed down, the semi companies turned off the taps hard and layed
off. Now, when things are starting to turn around, they can't keep up
the demand. We're being quoted 26 week leadtime for some jelly bean
which, in today's market, is almost like the parts are no longer being
All of these new processors are great - but they all still need to be
with these support parts that the manufacturers have let lapse...

Steven J. Ackerman, Consultant
ACS, Sarasota, FL

Hi Gerald,
The Rev C3 you've just shipped to Digikey this week are all gone. I think this batch of boards is not enough to feed the purchase queue. Anyway, I have placed the order to buy 44 more boards for my cluster of Beagleboards.

Gerald Coley wrote:

Hi Eric,

44 more boards - Cool - How many boards do you have, and for what are you
using them if I may be so free to ask? 44 boards makes my curious :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your setup?

Hi soren,

I have a 13U server rack which will host 44 beagleboards, 1 Dell Power Edge R210 1U server, 1 1U power strip, 2 24-port Ethernet switches, 2 custom made (by me) 5VDC power supply distribution. And, each beagleboard connects to the daughter card that designed by me. This rack is used to support my company's product manufacturing. Each beagleboard uses TRENDNET's TU2-ET100 for Ethernet communication. Each of the eleven 1U shelves will carry 4 beagleboards. I have not completed the rack yet since I do not have all the beagleboards and daughter cards. So, no picture to see now. As of today, I only put up 1 shelf with 2 beagleboard modules. Hopefully, I will have all the beagleboards next month when my software is completed.

I have 7 beagleboards on hand. But, 2 of them were damaged because of 12VDC supply were plug in incidentally.


S�ren Steen Christensen wrote:

Nice! Definitely want to see those pictures!

Nice! Definitely want to see those pictures!

I, too, would love to see some pics! I've been trying to work out
what it would take to have a beagle board processing cluster. Low
power, low space, and low cost.

We shipped 150 more today. That is the last we will ship for a while. Hopefully some of those will find their way to you!


Good news to me. I hope I will get my 44 boards. They are the last thing I need in my rack.

Gerald Coley wrote:

somewhere, there is a "hey, nice rack!" joke waiting to be made.


Thank you all for making my evening.


has anyone thought of converting cd/md storage shelves/towers to
beagleboard 'racks'?


I just checked Digikey and they are still showing 0 on hand. How long does it take for Digikey to show stock?


Well, they may not. If the have backorders that exceed what they have received in shipments, they may not show any at all. They received 200 more on Friday. That will be the last shipment for a while. We will resume shipments when we have the parts to build the boards. We have 3000 boards ready to build and we are missing one part.


Will these 3000 be C3 or C4? will anymore C3 boards be built?


They will be C4. We have no more C3 boards in the pipeline.


Just by curiosity, what is the part you are missing ?