Want to make it more concrete about "Bonescript web pages with live-running examples and documentation" ticket on gsoc 2013

Hello there,
I feel very interest to do some help about:

The Bonescript JavaScript library enables hardware control from web pages using socket.io for remote procedure calls. This provides an excellent environment for

teaching how to wire-up sensors and controls and rapidly prototype user interfaces. Numerous examples exist on the web, but consolidation and testing are required to > make them usable by novices.

> Goal: Dozens of web pages with executable script that demonstrate how to connect up sensor and actuator hardware

As the goal is not concrete enough, I’d like to have some discuss about it and got a clue that where I should get started.

Hi All,
I have set up a new repository related to this idea, and the link is https://github.com/hustcalm/bonescript-live-demo.
As I don’t have a beaglebone in hand, I will just look up information on web and make my repo look vivid.
Your suggestions are welcome, currently I want to make it this way:

  1. provide tutorials about beagleboard and beagle bone, bonescript, socket.io
    The tutorials will give users a good view about what it is and if he or she wants to try himself, he can do some prototype job.

  2. write live demos for users
    This is the main area I will concentrate on and as Jason has listed lots of examples, I will start there first.

You can see all this by clicking


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