Wanted to connect a LVDS LCD panel directly on the BeagleBoard-XM need help

Dear All,

I am looking for a help to connect the LVDS LCD panel to the DVI-D
port of the Beagle Board-XM.
Can I connect this LCD panel directly? Or do i need to have some
signal convertor for it.
My HDMI Compatible Monitor works fine with this port. But connecting
this LVDS LCD does not display anything.

Any suggestion?

You cannot connect an LVDS panel directly to the BeagleBoard. One option would be to design a board that contains an LVDS transmitter with parallel input. See here for examples http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/LCD_connectivity

- Juha

I don’t understand. Doesn’t the DVI output through the HDMI connector use LVDS? I have 2 of them working and the pinout from the XM DVI matches perfectly the 2 lcds. However I did get lucky on those 2. The others have different timing signals I haven’t figured out yet.

Can you pls send me the part number / datasheet link of your LCD
panel. I would also like to see the connection , if you can share.
That way it may help.
I am also trying to use the direct OMAP out put thru SN74LVDS84. Hope
that will work.