Warning. Debian 12 on BBBlack, don't install wireguard !

the latest image with Debian 12 ships with kernel 5.10. If you try to apt-get install wireguard the kernel will be upgraded to 6.1 and your BBBlack will not boot again.

Side note, wireguard-tools is usually pre-installed in our offical images… it’s only the wireguard package that brings in wireguard-module/wireguard-dkms packages that pull in the kernel.

To recover, you just need to open and edit /boot/uEnv.txt (easier if on microSD, for eMMC you’ll need to boot a minimal image…)


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Thank you Robert. Just a little change saved me a couple of hours of work. The machine rebooted.

------ /boot/uEnv.txt ---------------------
# uname_r=6.1.0-13-rt-armmp