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Any tutorials on how to operate the watchdog on the beagleboard?

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OMAP watchdog support is built in to the kernel and is used to detect a kernel hang… AFAIR it dumps a stack trace and reboots the BeagleBoard if the kernel “hangs” for 60 seconds.

If you want to tinker with it then the code is in linux/drivers/watchdog/omap*. Its not in the mainline linux branch, so you’d need to look here for it (or use OpenEmbedded):;a=tree;f=drivers/watchdog;h=35820f4072011a1e27f38ac7a0841a35d9edf0a7;hb=HEAD

Hope it helps, if not then could you elaborate some more on what you are wanting to do…


I want it to watch a script and reboot if the script is not run after
a period of time.
Is this possible?


Not unless you change the driver… although that shouldn’t be too much work:
a) change initial state of watchdog to be off - otherwise you might have problems booting
b) change the driver register so that its a generic driver rather than a watchdog - then the kernel will stop poking it
c) use ioctl to “ping” the watchdog sysfs file from user space.