Hi everyone,

I have a BeagleBoard xm.

I have some problem with watchdog. I have a kernel compiled with the
corret config file downloaded from here

At booting, the watchdog timeout is set to 60 seconds. Buta when I

ioctl(fd, WDIOC_KEEPALIVE, &iTimeOut); setting iTimeOut to 10 for
example, the BeagleBoard after 10 seconds does not reboot. It will
halt after 60 seconds and it seems not able to reboot itself.

What can I do?


I have the same problem with Xm.
After the timeout it doesn't reboot, it only halt .

I haven't this problem with the BB c4.

Have you solved?

I am not able to solve this problem.

do you have some ideas about?

I tried to compile a uboot, that seems to have watchdog enabled, but
without success. I tried also to use the IO oh BB XM to reset it.

What board have you?

The XM one..

Currently, I have the same problem with DM3730 and TPS65950 (on BB-xM). Have-you solve it?

Thanks in advance.