Wayland + Stretch + SGX + ti-linux-4.9.y

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone has had luck getting Wayland running on Stretch with SGX enabled? I’m currently using RCN’s ti-linux-4.9.y branch, running an am335x-evm, but also developing against the Black and Blue.

I’ve got the SGX kernel module and user space up and running from RCN’s mirrors. I pulled in the libgbm referenced in this thread. And things look good running gles1test1.

As far as Wayland, I installed from packages (stretch) and am using the drm backend. I see that weston is able to load up the SGX EGL libs, but then I hit a segfault.

Figured I would check with all of you to see if others have made it further. Thanks for any information – much appreciated.