Ways to get the Mic 2 Click to work on the BeagleBoard?

I picked up one of these recently:

And there’s a library for it here:

What is the best, and easiest approach to translating this Arduino C++ code over to the BeagleBone? Or is there even an easier way to use this above device? I am all for that as well. :slight_smile:

And lastly, if there really isn’t a good way is it possible to run a Arduino C++ library code to run on a BeaglePlay? That would be my last choice though as I’d think it would be a huge headache if possible.

Write your own.

Looked at their git hub and they have withheld the key files, so what they presented is not buildable.

Key to success is to look for: #include <some.h> avoid anything the has many as this one does #include "some_private_header.h"

When you see the tree and you can build it entirely from real source files it would more than likely run on beagle play with some slight tweaking of the header files.

When a tree is posted as “open source” and the sponor omits key code or only provides .o files it is best to run in the opposite direction.

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Surely from what I can see, the Arduino code is to be run on the module. There is no point in trying to port it to a beaglebone device as the camera module is hooked up to the ESP32 in the module. You can write code for that to push images over wifi to somewhere.

There is a mismatch in details between camera page and github page over resolution and reading the reviews there is also some question as to the battery run time.

What exactly are you trying to achieve ? If you want to take pictures on any beaglebone device, the easiest option is to go for a USB UVC camera. There are plenty to choose from especially if you look on Aliexpress. These should work on any board. For the boards with a camera interface you might be able to find a suitable camera, however there are some draw backs. You may need a daughter board to convert camera ribbon cable to camera interface. You are going to need to keep the camera mounted by the beaglebone, not an issue if using a USB camera.

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What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I had thought (not much in depth though :smiley: ) I would get a wireless camera (ESP32 TimerCam) for home security purposes as well as a omnidirectional microphone (Mikroe Mic 2 Click), to use for “digital audio monitoring and surveillance”.

But the fact you mentioned a USB UVC cam made me realize I already have one of those so I could easily do that instead and I am sure there are plenty of resources to get me started on that.

But! That leaves me with my next issue. Getting my “MIC 2 CLICK” to work.

It seems like the Mic 2 Click doesn’t have a manifest yet. And I was unaware of making sure my Mikroe device had a Click ID.

So actually, if I can just get the Mic 2 Click to work I can opt for using my Logitech streaming web camera with USB UVC capability to do the video. That would actually be ideal now that I think about it. I’ll find a use for the Timer somewhere else.

FWIW, I’ll probably go and pick up a micro-sd card and burn latest image if the mic 2 click has a manifest on the latest image. Otherwise, I’ll just work with what image I have now.

edit: Embarrassing as it is to admit this, I think I’ve changed course on this. :smiley: Getting the Mic 2 Click omnidirectional microphone working will probably be the main focus. I’ll go out and pick up a Micro-SD card (and a USB to 3.5mm adapter) and update to latest image and see if that changes anything. After that, it might be up to me to create some code to get it working.

A lot of web cams also have mics, but not sure how easy it is to get a separate audio stream from them.

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