Web based led control

Hey guys i want to control an led over the web, tried a lot of tutorial but everything is outdated
can some one help me on this topic.
my device is BBB angstrom


Have a look here


what eskimobob seems interesting but i would recommend using bonescript is eassier and a more up-to-date approach https://github.com/jadonk/bonescript


What makes bonescript more up to date in the approach? I get your easier
comment but more up to date does not make much sense to me.

I’ll just throw this out there: I’m currently tech reviewing a book on using the BBB for home automation being published real soon by Packt. There is a chapter in this short book on creating an Android app for remote control that you might find interesting. The book is a pretty good intro to hooking up lights, sensors, and devices to BBB.

Sorry, I should have said that it was also possible to do the same thing with Bonescript but I’ve not used that so it does not spring to mind…

Here is a tutorial and sample code for controlling LED’s through a web server: https://github.com/lgxlogic/BoneScript-SocketIO. It uses Node.js, BoneScript and Socket.IO and JQuery Mobile.

Roland Groeneveld