web root

anybody happen to know the web root and which webserver the BBB uses ?

on mine its /srv/http but that is on arch, I would assume Angstrom to
be /var/www or /usr/share/ possibly /opt .

I prefer lighttp in most applications were the customer has to take care
of the OS. But have used NGINX(is actually amazing on these little
boards, you can get a pretty decent amount of RPS, and the one I always
use for personal projects and company maintained boards), jetty, boa and
a few others. I would look at the exact needs you want for a web server
and go as minimal as you can, jetty seems to serve many very well and is
very small. Also have been seeing more using micro_httpd.

seems its here


That's where it was on the original BB.
You are looking for "index.html"

being a debian user for almost 18 years linux is second hand, but angstrom is a new beast

yeah i found the web root but the server is still a mystery i read one post that said

The BeagleBone|BeagleBoard Angstrom Linux distribution ships with a socket server that runs as a service using node.js and bonescript in:


that said be nice to disable that and install lighttpd