Webcam and OpenCV

for a university project I have to write an application for
beagleboard that captures video from a webcam and then analyzes it
using opencv (for example calculating the number of car in the video
or something else).
I wish I had some clarification; perhaps some of you have already
experimented this problem:

1. I noticed that you can download a version of Linux Angstrom through
Narcissus that contains opencv. Is bettere to use this distribution or
use a debian lenny and the install opencv?

2. Wich webcam is recommended to not have problems with beagleboard?

3. This project is easily done or has large difficulties?

Every type of advice/suggestion is welcome.

I tested the Logitech usb camera with GSPCA driver.


       I tested the Logitech usb camera with GSPCA driver.

Which Logitech camera (USB id?)
What capture driver? V4l2?
What kernel/GSPCA driver combo?

I helped a friend and some of his students do this very thing at the University of Plymouth, England. We used Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard and installed the Canonical-supported OpenCV with the package manager. We used Logitech 9000 webcams at first, but any UVC-compatible webcam should work.

It is easy to get started. The downloaded tutorial examples from the O'Reilly book work.

If you want a higher frame rate later, you will have to capture with something like SDL instead of OpenCV's highgui. The highgui part of OpenCV is not optimized for production.

I've been using this one "Logitech Webcam C200 - 960-000418" - around �13 from Amazon.

It gets detected fine with the uvcvideo support installed.

There's an issue with frames periodically being corrupted in some way and you get a
dodgy frame but I'm not sure if that lies with the camera or the bits and pieces of
v4l2 or gstreamer.

I'd be very interested to know what kind of thing you're doing with OpenCV as
I'm working on an image processing project myself. Perhaps we could chat over



Hi Alex,
For a university project a must create a application for beagleboard
that use a webcam and openvc.
I have not decide what kind of application development; these days I
am studying the openvc.
I think to create an application that counts the number of person that
pass on a road but i'm noticing that it's so difficult.
If you have some ideas about interesting application to develop, share
it with me.
Thanks, bye.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on a BeagleBoard, and using a UVC compatible
webcam with V4L2 without any issues. I have some notes here if you're


Hi Ciccio,

As I just wrote to Rafael, I'm very interested in aspects of image processing.

I'd have to think a little more on potentials for projects. The one that
immediately comes to mind is more challenging than counting people on
a road, but if you want some fun, I'd recommend getting into aspects of
image analysis during flight.

The Arduino, a low level embedded board based on the ATMega1280,
seems to be attracting hobbyists and has a board module that enables
you to develop UAVs. It would be interesting to see what you could do
with the Beagleboard and/or the Arduino for image analysis in flight...




Hi Mike,
I read the article "preparing the sd card" from site, and I have a question:
the sd card must have single partition FAT32 where you must load the
ubuntu image or it must have 2 partition (FAT32 and EXT2/3) or only
one partition EXT2/3?

I suggest that you not use FAT32 as bootable partition. There have been issues with some cards not booting correctly. I suggest you use a FAT16 partition for your bootable partition on the SD card…