Webserver application to change ethernet parameters (IP/Static DHCP-Gateway etc)

Hi at all ,

I’m looking for a application in any type of code, with a little webserver to changes ethernet parameters, static IP/ gateway / DHCP IP etc. Without use of console, throught this webserver.
Changes parameters , apply a reboot and that’s all.
Anybody knows if are there some aplication to install under Debian under whatever type of code.
Thanks in advance.

Not sure what you are looking for, is it something that will automatically change your IP on the fly or request a fresh IP from the gateway?

cockpit: Debian -- Details of package cockpit in bookworm has a pretty good network interface tool, as long as you use ‘network-manager’ underneath…

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cockpit-system cockpit-networkmanager cockpit-ws


Thanks Robert, I appreciate your help.
Cockpit will be a good point to start.