Week 10 Progress Report

This is my week !0 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. Worked on improving the games, and added some UI refinements. The display is now more informative…like it notifies the user of his/her progress at each stage…no. of trials left, etc.


  1. Changed the audio processing scripts to support any sample zip file…and improved the API slightly to support multiple language models…as present in the appropriate directory.

  2. The most important achievement of this week was getting the hardware issue resolved…I soldered the breakout board I bought with male headers…and the audio card is shown in the dmesg logs…and done some preliminary checks too…it’s all fine.


  1. Though my hardware issue has been resolved, still couldn’t get the entire thing working yet…mainly due to the internet issues at my place occurring due to bad weather conditions …one dependency…pocketsphinx is yet to be installed on my board…once it is done…I can check it’s performance.

  2. I am aiming at writing briefly about the various troubleshooting measures discussed with respect to the hardware…but sadly some of my earlier mails got deleted and cannot be recovered. I have asked hendersa to resend the things discussed in the mails if possible…so that I can write the report.

Tasks to be Done:

  1. Make a video on the improvements on the games and post it.
  2. Writing the documents regarding the project.
  3. If the dependencies are installed successfully, checking the performance of the scripts on the hardware.