Week 11 Progress Report

Hi Everyone,
This is my Week 11 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. Reformatted the structure of the code.

  2. Updated setup shell script to get rid of installing all the dependencies one by one manually.

  3. Started working on the extended description about the entire project on the Modern_Speak_and_Spell wiki. Will update further description over there as soon as possible.

  4. Updated some final UI refinements, specifically generation of scores.

  5. Resolved the internet issues…and installed all the required packages on the HW, started work on testing the code on the board, will upload a video on it soon.

Issues faced:

No issues or blocks faced up till now.

Tasks to be Done:

  1. Updating more description on the project.
  2. Completing the testing of the project on the HW, and uploading a video.
  3. Working on the final video for the project.