Week 12 Progress Report

Hi everyone,
This is my Week 12 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. This week I have been mainly focusing on getting the project to run on the pocketbeagle…as mainly up to now the entire work had been done on the PC. Fixed some issues like that of storing the Audio device as the default sound card in the ALSA configuration files…etc. I am able to test pocketsphinx on the board… signifying that audio is working on the board.
  2. I have been also trying to build up my final deliverable documentation giving the overview about the entire project…and also building up the entire HW and getting started with the API, etc.

Issues Faced:

  1. Having some issues running the GUI on the pocketbeagle…due to the pocketbeagle desktop environment not building up. Trying an alternative approach…flashing the debian latest lxqt image on the board…solved the LZMA error which was occurring…the image is successfully flashed onto the board.

Tasks to be Done:

  1. Finishing up the documentation work.
  2. Making a final video on the project proceedings…if there is still issues lingering on with the board…will upload the working on the PC for now…will fix all the remaining issues and show the work on the board later.

Overview of work Done during GSoC:

  1. Worked on a audio recording and decoding API using pocketsphinx and Pyaudio from scratch…this helps in building the voice user-interfaced games more efficiently.
  2. Worked on the game codes for the SnS device. Improved on the previously available games and added more functionality.
  3. Restructured the games according to OOP principles in order to efficiently build GUIs to take up functionalities as and when required.
  4. Solved the HW issues wrt the USB port. Though a bit lagging behind due to the delay on the HW part…hope to fix all the remaining issues…as soon as possible.

Work to be done after GSoC:
After GSoC I will try to work on building a offline assistant on the pocketbeagle with pocketsphinx…will try to utilize my API as much as possible and possibly improving on it.

Finally…thanks to all the mentors for supporting and encouraging me throughout this period.

Thanks and Regards,