Week 3 Progress Report

This is my week 3 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. Working on auto-enhanching the language model after each round of testing…till now worked on making a phonetic dictionary which keeps the output of the hypothesis files…based on their frequency of occurrence…whether or not they are present in the dictionary.

  2. Finished working on the 4th game…the Crossword…kept myself restricted to a 4*4 matrix where meanings of 4 words, all 4 lettered…would be given to the user to get the answers.

3.For this…made a script to generate 4 random words out of all 4 lettered words present in the wordlist…where there is a suitable common letter between the words which can be useful in generating one from the other.

4.A script required to generate the meanings of the words in the list…would require being online…but it will not be required if list is already present.


  1. Updated the game launcher accordingly to support launching of Crossword game.

Issues Faced:
No issues Faced on the coding part…just some problems due to issues of internet connectivity at my place.

Tasks to be done:

  1. Right now have started working with the audio on audacity…will continue my work during this week.
  2. Generating scoreboard after completion of every game.
  3. Updating my documentation with suitable screenshots if required.
  4. Putting all the recording scripts in a single directory and using them from there as and when required.