Week 5 Progress Report

Hi, this is my Week 5 Progress Report.

Tasks Done in last week:

  1. Updated the entire API documentation for easier use in all the speech recording and decoding stuff.
  2. Changed the games and the launcher script to use the speech processing API. This in turn reduces and simplifies the game code.
  3. Currently going through the documentation of SphinxDocs…and updating the documentation of the entire project.

Issues Faced:

  1. Upto now focused only on the game codes and they are working fine. But currently, for easier work on the UI…need to change the structure of the code to an object oriented format, so that the main functionality of the games is easily accessible. Currently working on that so couldn’t make a video of the working of the games…will update it as soon as I am done with each game.
  2. Didn’t update the HTML docs of the games too…due to the same reason…up till now…worked on the API documentation and the game launcher.

Works to be done this week:

  1. Working on re-structuring the games.
  2. Getting started with the UI/Display. Need to discuss with the mentors regarding the same…so that can start working on it efficiently.
  3. Updating the documentation with tutorials…and examples…so that the work is easily understandable.