Week 6 Progress Report

This is my week 6 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. Restructured the entire Spell It! game according to OOP principles for better external access to it’s functionalities.


  1. Worked on the basic GUI of the game using pygame library. Right now…am able to run the game successfully, taking user input efficiently in between.


  1. The live speech processing using microphone had some bugs…due to which auto updation of the dictionary was not possible…resolved them.



  1. Made some minor improvements to the API to support efficient recording and saving in multiple-files as well as single file as and when required.


  1. Updated the game launcher to launch the GUI of the game.

The work done on the display is very preliminary…need some suggestions on how to improve it. The screenshot was taken during the game…where it is asked to spell “ENOUGH”.
I will upload a video on it’s working soon…but after more work is done on the display.

Issues Faced:
No issues as of now…this week’s work went smoothly.

Tasks to be done this week:

  1. Working on the other games and their display.
  2. Generating scores after every game.
  3. Updating tutorials and examples in the documentation for easy understanding.


Screenshot from 2018-06-23 15-27-44.png