Week 7 Progress Report

This is my week 7 Progress Report.

Tasks Done:

  1. Restructured Hangman and Encrypter Games and built their GUI using pygame.
  2. Updated Speech_Processing script to modify the phonetic dictionary and represent letters in the form of their phonemes.

The updated dictionary is present in https://github.com/AnirbanBanik1998/Modern_Speak_and_Spell/blob/master/Speech_Processing/accuracy_check/new.dic

  1. Generated basic documentation for the Speech Processing API and the games…it is hosted at https://anirbanbanik1998.github.io/Modern_Speak_and_Spell/

Issues faced:

  1. Still couldn’t solve the hardware issue…tried with the smallest wires…and still the error shows up…Is the USB cable bad? I know it is working because I have checked it in my PC. The dmesg logs are at https://gist.github.com/AnirbanBanik1998/71524b8b1eeece1dff3c0c8a30a7ec3d

  2. Ordered a new USB breakout board…it will be arriving by 14th July…but still not completely sure it is the problem of the USB board.

Tasks to be Done:

  1. Trying to solve the hardware issue.
  2. Generating GUI for the 4th game.
  3. Updating Documentation
  4. Uploading the game videos as soon as the all the games are complete.