Weekly #beagle-gsoc meeting minutes


  • [jkridner] Create bi-weekly report

  • [jkridner] Confirm status of LCD to be sent to ZubairLK

  • [ZubairLK] Have homepage URL on project entry point to blog or wiki and point to github from there, rather than the reverse and provide a blog entry (I wasn’t able to find the link on https://github.com/ZubairLK)

  • [jj2baile] Provide blog entry for current status

  • [all] Provide blog entries for next week

  • [all] Continue coding and aligning with mentors on status/objectives

  • [ZubairLK, jj2baile, vvu, anujdeshpande, hatguy] Provide youtube video summarizing project, similar to ones done by tcort and vmayoral

12:01 jj2baile: I guess, someone should commence the meeting?
12:01 ZubairLK: what do i do with the patches for the 3.8 kernel
12:02 ZubairLK: koen: I read correctly via /sys/bus/iio/iiodevice/in_voltageraw
12:02 ka6sox: jkridner was here…
12:02 ZubairLK: I read correctly via in_voltage
_scale Which is scaled at 1.8V for the BBB
12:02 koen: ZubairLK: email them to panto and me and we’ll have a look at them
12:02 ZubairLK: I added a patch to keep the bone-helper as is as well. And corrected.
12:02 ZubairLK: should I email the github link? or the patches directly
12:03 panto: ZubairLK, git send-email works
12:03 panto: we’ll need to review them a bit too
12:03 ZubairLK: k
12:03 ZubairLK: I’ll refine the descriptions a bit then :slight_smile:
12:03 ZubairLK: and send them
12:03 ZubairLK: i’ll cc gregkh as well
12:04 jkridner: sorry… got an untimely call
12:05 jkridner: let’s kick things off!
12:05 jkridner: let’s start with folks i haven’t gotten blog posts from…
12:05 jkridner: ZubairLK: can you change the project entry to point to a blog?
12:05 jj2baile: So anyway, in terms of my progress, I know i should be doing more blog posts, but i’ve figured it out now, so should be doing them more frequently henceforth.
12:05 jkridner: pointing to the github is great, but it doesn’t give me an overview.
12:06 ZubairLK: jkridner: sure. its in the description. but it doesnt go blue for a hyperlink
12:06 ZubairLK: I’ll switch places
12:06 jj2baile: a lot of the current stage is planning, so myself and ka6sox shall be having a discussion aout the external interface through his cape a little later today
12:07 jj2baile: jkridner: As well, currently what i’m trying to code up, is a simple feasibility test of can the PRU handle doing JTAG fast enough without need for the cape necessarily.
12:08 jkridner: ZubairLK: thanks. Guess I’ll look for it after the meeting.
12:08 jkridner: ZubairLK: any other updates?
12:09 ZubairLK: jkridner: changed the project description.
12:09 ZubairLK: jkridner: 3.8 ADC one-shot reading via sysfs working :slight_smile:
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12:09 jkridner: k. Have you seen that the existing ADC driver gives old, stale values?
12:10 jkridner: have you also seen that reading it too fast causes an error return?
12:10 ZubairLK: jkridner: yup. thats patched.
12:10 ZubairLK: jkridner: via sysfs reading too fast giving busy?
12:10 ZubairLK: jkridner: that too is fixed…
12:10 jkridner: yeah…
12:10 jkridner: sweet.
12:10 ZubairLK: this is for 3.8
12:10 ZubairLK: i managed to keep the bone-helper ok as it is as well
12:11 ZubairLK: jkridner: the major modification that ppl on the outside will see is that DT changed slightly
12:11 ZubairLK: jkridner: previously used to be ti,adc-channels <8>, Now you have to say which channels. ti,adc-channels <0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7>
12:11 jkridner: k, any mentor for ZubairLK have any questions?
12:12 ZubairLK: and you get 1.8V scaled values via sys/bus/iio entries along with raw values
12:12 jkridner: jj2baile: thank you for planning to provide additional blog posts to help everyone keep track of your progress.
12:14 jkridner: all: so far, only tcort and vmayoral have provided videos introducing their projects. don’t want to prioritize it over coding, but the videos are helpful to get folks tracking/helping on the projects.
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12:15 vvu|Mobile: completely forgot about the video.
12:15 jkridner: jj2baile: are you confident you can move beyond planning and into coding soon?
12:15 anujdeshpande: jkridner, will post a video soon enough.
12:15 jj2baile: jkridner: Yeah. I’ve already started coding some things. it can kind of happen concurrently at this stage
12:16 jkridner: vvu|Mobile: have you been able to move beyond where you were stuck with the USB drivers on Android?
12:16 av500: yes and no
12:16 vvu|Mobile: yep yes and no. still need to modify the kernel in order to get my app to talk with the board
12:17 av500: jkridner: we have a huge doubt that it would ever work on an unpatched android kernel
12:17 ZubairLK: jkridner: I asked gregkh and koen about freezing work for 3.8 in one-shot mode only and moving to 3.11. They were ok with it.
12:17 ZubairLK: /dev/iio is meant for continuous reading. It wont work for 3.8 because the driver doesn’t support it. Adding support can take up a significant time as all the buffers change and irqs are added to the code. Patches exist in arago 3.2. But forward porting is a mess.
12:17 ZubairLK: so now I’m trying to get the adc working on 3.11… And then i’ll try to get /dev/iio working for 3.11.
12:17 jkridner: ZubairLK: makes sense.
12:18 ZubairLK: :slight_smile:
12:18 jkridner: ZubairLK: I’ve seen panto has done a lot of work to rebase patches against mainline.
12:18 ZubairLK: jkridner: thats what i’m using as a base to get BBB to boot
12:18 ZubairLK: i’ll add adc patches to it.
12:18 ka6sox: jj2baile, I’ll see you about midnight GMT
12:18 jkridner: vvu|Mobile, av500: are you happy you can come up with some alternative plan that produces useful code?
12:19 av500: jkridner: well, we can load
12:19 av500: jkridner: well, we can load MLO from android
12:19 jj2baile: ka6sox: ok.
12:19 av500: so we can control the BBB
12:19 jkridner: vvu|Mobile, av500: would folks have to alter code on specific phones to perform “remote bootload”?
12:19 av500: but it needs patches so it is not for “millions of phones”
12:19 jkridner: av500: that’s a nice milestone!
12:19 av500: yes
12:20 av500: jkridner: pointing peopple to “pls root your phone”
12:20 av500: would not be a great advertising message
12:20 av500: jkridner: probably on all phones
12:20 panto: av500, I’m sure google wouldn’t mind
12:20 panto: would they?
12:20 av500: they dont care
12:20 panto: carriers? media?
12:21 av500: but its not an easy out of the box epxerience
12:21 av500: panto: that is not my concern
12:21 av500: its more that it will prevent a lot of use
12:21 av500: and I dont like to promote rooting
12:21 av500: will all the security risks
12:21 panto: rooting leads to kanging
12:23 jkridner: anujdeshpande, hatguy: thank you for the blog post.
12:23 jkridner: also got good updates in blog posts from tcort and vmayoralv
12:23 hatguy: jkridner: Are you aware of our individual blogs?
12:24 anujdeshpande: jkridner, sure ! we are blogging individually as well
12:25 jkridner: no, are those listed on the project page? you should probably mention them on the shared blog as well.
12:25 jkridner: will eventually make a BeagleBoard.org GSoC planet of some kind.
12:25 hatguy: will do
12:26 jkridner: my posts to the BeagleBoard.org G+ community GSoC category have been a bit slow, sorry for that.
12:26 hatguy: http://meanbot.wordpress.com/ and http://anujdeshpande.wordpress.com/
12:26 jkridner: hatguy: thanks
12:26 hatguy: np
12:26 jkridner: anyone blocked on hardware?
12:27 ZubairLK: jkridner: evtest works. but i’d still like a tsc to play around with :stuck_out_tongue:
12:27 av500: I still dont have that yacht
12:28 ka6sox: still waiting for the Mansion
12:28 jkridner: anujdeshpande: I have a Seeed tiny scope too (forgot the name of it). Love it.
12:28 jkridner: ZubairLK: k, I’ll try to make sure an LCD is on its way to you. Were you able to follow how I suggested creating a test bench that would use PWMs to create a touch event?
12:29 anujdeshpande: jkridner, I love it too ! the gdb for h/w :smiley: . mines called a DSO nano v2 BTW
12:29 jkridner: anujdeshpande: ah, right. I have a DSO Nano (pre-v2)
12:29 ZubairLK: jkridner: i was able to follow. just a tad bit preoccupied to get it done.
12:30 jkridner: is happy that anujdeshpande, hatguy, jj2baile, ZubairLK, tcort, vmayoral and vvu|Mobile are all engaged with the #beagle community and making progress in coding
12:31 ZubairLK: :slight_smile:
12:31 anujdeshpande: :smiley:
12:31 beng-nl: [x] tcort
12:31 hatguy: :slight_smile:
12:31 vvu|Mobile: +1, like, retweet to what jkridner said
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12:31 jkridner: any doubts to share? will everyone have blog posts for next week such that our check-in can go really fast and we can just focus on blocking items?
12:32 hatguy: jkridner: sure
12:32 vvu|Mobile: i think i need to update my blog with some new stuff.
12:32 ZubairLK: jkridner: sure.
12:33 jkridner: wrapping up official meeting in 3…
12:33 anujdeshpande: jkridner, sure think !
12:33 ds2: wow fast
12:33 jkridner: :slight_smile:
12:33 mluckham: vvu where is your blog?
12:33 jkridner: 2…
12:33 vvu|Mobile: beagleboot.vdev.ro
12:33 mluckham: tx
12:34 beng-nl: has nothing to add, just here in case our case came up
12:34 vvu|Mobile: yeah need to update that thingie with some new info
12:34 hatguy: jkridner: FYI, we have a wiki too http://elinux.org/Userspace_Arduino
12:34 jkridner: 1…
12:34 ds2: jj2baile: what’s the URL of ur blog?
12:34 bradfa: hatguy, is the plan to provide a redirect to that from the misspelled one?
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12:34 jkridner: hatguy: if you have links to the blogs and everything else there, then having the project page point there is probably best.
12:34 ZubairLK: panto: here?
12:34 jj2baile: ds2: http://zecozephyr.github.io/
12:35 panto: yes
12:35 ds2: thanks
12:35 hatguy: bradfa: no, prpplague has removed the redirect
12:35 prpplague: is late due to doing some fcc testing
12:35 jj2baile: ds2: will add more content soon
12:35 hatguy: *not provided
12:35 hatguy: there is a link though
12:35 jkridner: prpplague: your guys seemed to be in-sync and making progress, so you are excused. :wink:
12:35 ZubairLK: thoughts on adding the DT to 3.11. I simple added the following at the end of the BBB dt file
12:35 av500: prpplague: did you test out ok?
12:35 hatguy: jkridner: ahh… ok… that makes sense
12:35 ds2: jj2baile: okay… think you mean some content :smiley:
12:35 jj2baile: ds2: :smiley:
12:35 prpplague: av500: i failed, but the board passed
12:36 jkridner: consider the official part of the meeting over and feel free to continue discussions.