Weekly Progress Report: Replace GBridge

This is the Weekly Report page for the Replace GBridge Project.

Blog: https://programmershideaway.xyz/

Hello everyone. I just wanted to provide a brief project description along with Week 0 Progress update.

Project Goals

  • Introduce a Platform Driver that facilitates communication between AM6254 and CC1352 in BeaglePlay over UART.
  • Move SVC and APBridge roles from GBridge into CC1352 firmware.
  • Eliminate GBridge and other components that are no longer necessary.
  • Add a tutorial to the documentation to use the new setup.

Week 0


  • Install Debian on BeaglePlay.
  • Explore BeaglePlay with ssh and hosted vscode.
  • Boot a custom Kernel on BeaglePlay.
  • Interact with BeagleConnect Freedom using tio
  • Interact with BeagleConnect Freedom sensors using micropython.
  • Write Introductory Blog Post
  • Post Introductory Video
  • Write a Hello World Kernel Module for BeaglePlay.

Upcoming Targets

  • Study the basics of the device tree.
  • Flash BeagleConnect Freedom with bcf greybus node firmware.
  • Implement serial device initialization.
  • Write a CI to check that the module compiles.

Week 1


  • Write a serdev driver that uses AM62 to CC1352 serial port.
  • Apply a device tree overlay to BeaglePlay.
  • Write “HelloWorld” from Linux to CC1352.
  • Recieve “HelloWorld” from CC1352 to Linux. (Currently just used samples/drivers/uart/echo_bot)
  • Flash hello world zephyr to BeaglePlay CC1352.
  • Write a blog post to setup BeaglePlay.
  • Opened issue regarding broken cc2538 script.

Upcoming Targets

  • Write a CI to check that the module compiles.
  • Copy UART handling code to Zephyr Application.
  • Have an actual format for UART communication. Currently just writing arbitrary binary from both sides.
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