Weekly Progress Report: Suspend to Disk support on BeaglePlay AM62

This is a place holder for weekly status report on Suspend to Disk support on BeaglePlay.
This is not a part of GSoC 2023.

Week 1 progress report - May 1st 2023

Tasks Completed

  1. Study of BeaglePlay HW - Overview, Specification and feature of HW.
  2. Study of TI AM62X TRM chapters related to SoC overview and PRCM.
  3. BeaglePlay HW setup - Booting with Default Debian image beagleplay-emmc-flasher-debian-11.6-xfce-arm64-2023-03-10-10gb.img

Tasks for Week 2
SW setup

  1. Mainline Linux kernel 6.4.rc1 build and boot.
  2. u-boot, ATF OPTEE
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**Week 2-3 progress report - May 15
Tasks Completed

  1. Build and boot of u-boot and mainline Linux 6.4.x on BeaglePlay
  2. tested basic pm_test for suspend to RAM and shared the findings.
  3. Started Going through Suspend to RAM to understand the driver PM callback implementation.
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Week 4 progress report - May 22 2023
Tasks Completed

  1. Study of basic Driver PM suspend resume callbacks implementation related to suspend to RAM.
  2. Study of eMMC partitioning in order to create the partition for hibernation snapshot.
  3. Study of SoC sleep-wakeup sequencing.
  4. Started with study of hibernation specific call backs i.e. .freeze and .thaw.

Tasks for next week.

  1. study of hibernation specific call backs i.e. .freeze and .thaw.
  2. identify required changes in driver PM callbacks and start implementation of basic peripherals from skeleton device tree.
  3. To start with, we will create the SD card partition to store the hibernation snapshot.
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