Weekly Progress Report (Week 1) - Improving the CTAG face2|4 Audio System


I’m working on the project “Porting the CTAG face2|4 multichannel soundcard drivers to BeagleBoard-X15 (AM5728 SoC). Create library to make use of AM5728 DSPs (C66x).” and this is my first weekly progress report.

Week 1 (Community bonding period):

BeagleBoard community organization:

  • information about communication (IRC, weekly meetings, …)
  • introduction of mentors and preparation of GSoC introduction video
    Technical research:
  • Gathering of information about:
  • BeagleBoard-X15 (expansion headers)
  • TI AM5278 SoC (Pin multiplexing, DSP subsystem (C66x)):
  • TI Processor SDK (Code Composer Studio / DSPLIB / examples)
  • OpenCL (for implementation using DSPLIB)