Weekly Progress Report: Zephyr on R5/M4F

Hi All,

I am Prashanth S.

The goal of the project is to add Zephyr RTOS support to run on Cortex R5 processor cores loaded from A72 core running Linux through remoteproc and add few peripheral support (Interrupts, Gpio, UART, Timers) for TDA4VM SoC.


Week 0

Accomplishments in Community bonding period

  • Boot minimal Cortex R5 firmware from Linux running on A72 core through remoteproc.
  • Add UART support for debug prints in the minimal firmware.
  • Setting up the Zephyr build environment.
  • Introductory Video.
  • Getting familiar with hardware and Zephyr code base.

Tasks for Week 1

  • Create a repository in git.beagleboard.org/ and upload Zephyr Code base.
  • Send the soc and board files for review.