Weekly Progress report

Respected Mentors and fellow students,

  1. I was able to record waveforms from the char driver. The video is uploaded here:https://plus.google.com/112438958817712369980/posts/85pi31yEzPp

Moreover the driver now was able to generate the waveforms of the ascii value of the data being sent in from the user-land.

  1. I was working on spi-driver based upon the platform bus till now. However, my mentors suggested that the implementation should

be on remoteproc(with full fledged virtio support). Due to time constraints of GSOC, I will be hacking the remoteproc loding driver to instantiate a spi/i2c device for now. I am still researching on this.

Target for next week:

1)Hack the remoteproc to instantiate the current driver

  1. Update the firmware to include MISO and establish full duplex SPI.