Weekly report

Hi all,
My previous report was not picked up automatically by the rss thing.
So here is the new report.
( http://beagleboard-pwm.blogspot.com/ )

*Most of this week was spent trying to configure a development
environment and building a kernel. I have tried the normal OE route
with bitbake i.e
./oebb.sh bitbake -c build linux-omap
but this ended up in failure due to some dependencies being ignored.
Simultaneously I am trying to do it manually as per the steps detailed
here. My cross compiler is not setup properly and this is running into
For the last day
./oebb.sh bitbake console-image
has been running and hopefully it will fetch all the dependencies
allowing me to only build the kernel from the next time on. I am
really new to this stuff so this will take some time.

*Meanwhile here are the circuits
      1) Motor control ( http://bit.ly/dkqGlq )
      2) Speaker Control ( http://bit.ly/ajGf3j )
These are still in draft stage and would love to hear what everyone
has to say about them.
I designed these with eagle . Nice tool.

*Learnt a few important things about kernel development through irc.
Most of the stuff that i posted as threats last week, i.e connecting a
mouse or a display screen to the beagleboard, are not really required
for my project. The serial interface is all that is needed.

*Found out about this project ( http://github.com/scottellis/omap3-pwm
) . We have decided to build on top of it. This will also be the
repository for my project.

* The dev environment should be setup and I would start fiddling
around with the existing code.
* I will have a go at breadboarding these circuits.

*Although a bit unlikely but I might still be stuck trying to build
the kernel and setting up the dev environment.
*Breadboarding may not go smoothly, which according to Murphy's laws
will be so :).