Weekly Report

Hi All,

Please find my weekly report at http://pramodpoudel.blogspot.com/. For those who were not aware of my weekly report for last week due to some problem with the RSS feeds , you can find it on the same link. I have copied my recent report below.

Status and Accomplishment

  1. Starting of the week was devoted to resolve the issue with JTAG debugging.

  2. Then, I looked into detail of IUNIVERSAL examples.

  3. Wrote code for 1-D DFT using IUNIVERSAL taking reference as FIR example and BitBlit project. Had some issues with linking with the library files for DSPLib. It was resolved by the end of the week. I could see some output but that does not confirms to what I am supposed to get. Tried to debug it but had few issues while debugging. I have mentioned the issues below. I need to look further into it.

  4. By the end of the week, I bought a Logitech webcam, and I am trying to figure out how to capture a frame. Tried couple of times to capture frames, taking references from resources on the internet, but no success.


  1. Look further into the code I have written and expand it to accomodate other functions from IMGLib.

  2. Learn debugging on multi-core.

  3. Interface webcam and captrue frames.

  4. Although I did not get much time to look into debugging, I had some issues about debugging on multicore. I tried to debug the code that I had compiled in Linux using CCS. Loaded the code. But I could only see assembly code, which was very tough for me to manage and keep track. Also, I could not figure out how to debug as process in DSP side depends upon the signal from ARM side.