Weekly Report

Hi All,

Please checkout my weekly report which is copied below. It can also be found at http://pramodpoudel.blogspot.com/ .

Weekly Report 5

Status and Accomplishment

  • Separated ARM side library and application.Tested with different images. Modified Makefile to generate an ARM side library and app executable seperately. The source can be found at http://code.google.com/p/opencv-dsp-acceleration/source/browse/.

  • Wrote building procedure which can be found at http://code.google.com/p/opencv-dsp-acceleration/wiki/Instruction_For_Building_Examples.

  • Modified the library so that it could be applied to the images captured or loaded using OpenCV API. Tested the library with image frames from webcam. Sobel algorithm works well for images of type CV_8UC1 and CV_8SC1. Its output is in the same format as the input type, however the depth change to 16 bit on original OpenCV library. I need to convert the image depth for seemless integration with OpenCV.


  • Benchmark the performance of my library. Compare its performance with that of non-dsp OpenCV library.
  • Integrate my library with OpenCV library.
  • As my earlier DFT was 1-D, need to work on it so that it could be applied to images.
    So far there is no blocker, but I may have some problem while integrating my library with OpenCV library. Still I don’t have clear picture how it is to be implemented.