Weekly Report

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Monday, July 26, 2010### Weekly Report 10

Status and Accomplishment

  • Tested the c6accel library. Found to have similar performance compared to mine. But was not better than opencv native library. The relative performance measured was 4209167/4577332 for 16-bit sobel. With continious memory allocation the performance was 4209167/4498566.
  • Tried to remove some of the cache writeback but couldnot see any difference in performance.
  • So, instead of only using DSP for the algorithm, I assigned the task between the 2 processors by dividing the data to work on . Created 2 thread one calling the ARM side and other calling the DSP side. There was a slight improve in the performance but still not better than native ARM side code. The performance achieved this time was 4209167/4467565. The half of the output image was visually dissimilar to the other half in terms of edge contrasts. I will upload this picture.
  • I think only way I can gain performance is by working on both the processor. Creating 2 API for same function, one for DSP and the other for ARM.
  • Worked on the application part too. Started coding for it.
  • Instead on only working on DSP, I am planning to use it for task offloading. Creating asynchronous API and fetching the result later.
  • Look into performance and application.
    Still not able to beat the ARM performance.