weird behavior of beaglebone black..

HI, how is things going on??
i have beaglebone black this my first time to touch it. so i had to install it’s driver to communicate with it. i download the driver from internet.(officially website). then i installed it on my pc but it give me some error.
so i guessed i can’t communicate with it but when i try to communicate with it through web browser (ip ip). it show the pages of board so i guessed the pc can see it.
the second question.
i try to login through ssh so i think the default username is root . the password is to press enter
and i tried many combination of password and username. but i didn’t work give me wrong password so what should i do to reset it. to default setting factory

The Driver is not needed on Windows 10 systems, with an up to date image…

default username:password is [debian:temppwd]