Welcome the Fall 2020 Embedded Linux Class

The purpose of this posting is to announce that I’m once again teaching
an Embedded Linux class based on the BeagleBone[1]. This time I’m using
the BeagleBone Black.
I’m teaching as open-source as I can and have have posted many of course
materials on eLinux.org [2] and github[3].

I’m always open to ideas on what topics to include in the class and
suggestions for interesting course projects. For example we are starting
Python this week and hope to be writing simple kernel module 5 weeks from
now. That will be followed by a week of PRU programming.

Class, please respond to this posting. Others, please welcome my class.


–Prof. Mark A. Yoder
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology [4]

[1] http://elinux.org/Embedded_Linux,_Rose-Hulman
[2] http://elinux.org/index.php?title=Category:ECE497
[3] https://github.com/MarkAYoder/BeagleBoard-exercises
[4] http://www.rose-hulman.edu

I would be interested in checking out your class.

Is there a site to sign up for this?



Hi Mark. Very nice classes!

How can we join in these classes? Are the classes free?

Best Regards

Thanks to all for you interest in the class. Most of the materials on Category:ECE497 - eLinux.org and you are welcome to see/use them.
Unfortunately much of the other content is not available to those out is the class.


Hi Dr. Yoder,

Looking forward to this quarter!


Hi Dr. Yoder

Hello Dr. Yoder,

I’m interested to see what we will be doing this quarter.

-Joshua Key

Hi Dr. Yoder,

Thank you for being open to teaching other topics! Looking forward to this quarter!

-James W.

Hi Dr. Yoder,

Looking forward to this class!

-James W.

Hi Dr. Yoder,

Really excited about this class! Looking forward to some interesting projects


Hello Dr. Yoder,

I’m excited for this class.

-Eric Kirby

Looking forward to it. Thank you for teaching this class !!

Excited for class this year!

  • Dylan

Hello Dr. Yoder