What all needs to be flashed on SD Card after rebuilding the kernel ,Following link : Linux on ARM


I am following this link : https://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black#BeagleBoneBlack-capemgr:v4.1.x+

and I am able to boot the linux as of now.I have done some changes to the kernel and rebuilt it using rebuild.sh script.What all things I have to do while preparing the sd card?

  • Copy all the modules,kernel image and dtbs?Thats it? or do i have to repeat the process - formatting , followed by uboot and then kernel image?
    From what instructions on ward I have to repeat the steps?

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Why don’t you experiment and find out ?

I did copy the modules and the device trees along with the uimage.
System doesnt boots ups !
No logs on Minicom as well.!

No serial logs on Minicom?

50/50, it's a minicom configuration issue, try again with gtkterm..

If it doesn't work with gtkterm, then it's likely you didn't install
the bootloader properly (try again). (or you are using
VirtualBox/VMware/etc, which the directions say doesn't work and is


I did get the minicom logs but it shows only uboot# prompt.

What I did was this :
1–>modified one dtb and ran rebuild.sh

2–>Copy Kernel Image
Kernel Image:
sudo cp -v ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}.zImage /media/rootfs/boot/vmlinuz-${kernel_version}
3—>Copy Kernel Device Tree Binaries
sudo mkdir -p /media/rootfs/boot/dtbs/${kernel_version}/
sudo tar xfv ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}-dtbs.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs/boot/dtbs/${kernel_version}/
-4–>Copy Kernel Modules
sudo tar xfv ./bb-kernel/deploy/${kernel_version}-modules.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs/

Did I miss something?
Last resort would be to format and prepare the card again .!!

does /media/rootfs/boot/uEnv.txt contain:



For that matter you never mention if you have a first stage uEnv.xt file ( /uEnv.txt ). Granted this assumes redoing form a blank rootfs. But if this is not a blank rootfs then your step #3 should not be necessry.

Since you only got a uboot prompt I’ll assume you missed one, or both uEnv.txt files.

Thanks William , Robert !
I pressed removed the power supply , reconnected it , pressed the S3 switch and it booted with the changed kernel image.
Dont know why?

Sorry WHen I pressed S1 , boot happens fine.!

then you skipped this section:



Hi Robert,
Thanks for the tip, I will try this out !
I wanted to ask , Why do I see rootfs_ along with the rootfs when ever I try to prepare the SD card second time?Which one to be considered?What wrong I am doing?