what am I doing wrong?? compiling Angstrom 2012.5.9

I’m trying to compile the Angstrom for beaglebone using:

git clone git://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/setup-scripts.git

MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh config beaglebone
MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh update

MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh bitbake systemd-image

Is the right way to compile??
.- using bitbake without root user
(I have to type the Cloud image)

Try: "bone" and not "beaglebone"


For ubuntu precise is only bone…

That doesn't matter...

For angstrom, the machine name is "beaglebone"..

see: https://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/meta-ti/tree/master/conf/machine


ok... I`m sorry..