What are some Good Python GPIO libraries for BBB

I am Revisiting the BeagleBone Black I haven’t used it in a long time. When I wrote python code I used the Adafruit _BBIO Library. .
Is it still good to use this even though it is not supported anymore.?
Do you still have to use python2 for the i2c bus ?
I was wondering what are some other GPIO Python libraries that people use. Any recommendations?
Not sure about this but is Micropython a possibility. I don not want to use circuit python as I have not like it as much as others mentioned.

Thank you for you responses!!


I found this lib. a while back. The fellow or group of persons that produced it also has a C lib.

In any route, here: https://github.com/vsergeev/python-periphery .

I have not personally tested this lib. yet but I hope to try it once I have no other options outside of pure Linux or Linux-languages, e.g. which I am completely terrible at for now.


Here are some from a Google search.

Adafruit Blinka (CircuitPython)

14 BeagleBone Python projects

PyGame examples on elinux.org

Derek Molloy code examples from Exploring Beaglebone book:

These should get you started.



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Find Python[2,3] examples at



Hi @DTJF , do you have any more examples with libpruio lib for Python? Like usage with events handler with asyncio code etc?

Sorry, Python is not my prefered programming language. And asynchronous code isn’t my prefered technique, since I loose control over the exact timing. I prefer to poll for an event, it’s much faster than an interrupt with all its overhead.

Anyhow, you can find an example for handling an event in function Pruio::mm_start(). It waits for the end of the ADC sequence by waiting for /dev/uio5 event. The interupt settings are in member structure Pruio::IntInit. In the example trigger.bas this function gets called synchonously, but when you call it in a thread you’ll end up with asynchonously event handling.


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