What are the disadvantages of simply skipping the "burn image to micro-sd card" step? (BeaglePlay)

I just received my BeaglePlay in the mail late yesterday. I noticed right away that the Getting Started guide recommends burning the latest image to SD card and using that for the installation, which I think is the best idea. That being said, I have no way of getting a micro-sd card until next week which is a bummer. I can wait until next week if I need to. But, could you tell me what are the disadvantages of simply using the eMMC that came with the board instead? Or am I mistaken and the eMMC doesn’t contain an Debian image at all (regardless of the version)?* …and I’ll need to write a Debian image to the eMMC. If that’s the case then I’ll just wait until Monday. :slight_smile:

*Note, I am currently in the process of picking up a book to help out with my BeagleBoard, in my case it’s definitely needed.

Just connect a monitor, keyboard/mouse and light it up.

It should be ready to go.

Do change the default password.

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Thank you! :+1:

And, for what it’s worth, to anyone wondering the same thing that seems to be all you need to do to get started! :+1:

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