What DeviceTreeBinary to choose for a beaglebone with capes?


What device tree binary I have to choose for
a beaglebone A6 with LCD7-, Audio- and RS232-cape.

After compiling the linux kernel 3.7 I get:
am335x-bone.dtb am335x-bonelt.dtb am335x-evm.dtb omap2420-h4.dtb omap3-beagle-xm.dtb omap3-evm.dtb omap3-tobi.dtb omap4-panda.dtb omap4-pandaES.dtb omap4-sdp.dtb omap4-var_som.dtb omap5-evm.dtb

from which
am335x-bone.dtb am335x-bonelt.dtb

seem to me the two both most obvious...but these are two...:wink:

Thank you very much for any help!
Best regards,