What happened to the nice and tiny BeagleBoard?


I’m using the BeagleBone Green and Black from time to time for several tasks. I like its simplicity, price and incredibly low power consumption. The only thing I really miss, is a USB-C connector. Beside of that a faster/dual core and/or faster Ethernet would be nice but mainly are not needed for my applications.

Now when I look what seems to be the future of the BeagleBoane, I’m really scared.

There is a board named “AI” which is incredibly expensive (may be due to the loads of features and interfaces which have been added?) but still usable as it comes with the same size like White/Green/Blue/Black. Unfortunately it seems it is already discontinued.

And there is an “AI-64” now which is even more expensive and - what is really a problem - comes with a completely different size!

So I don’t want to blame anybody for this, but ask this question: is there something planned, which is more a BeagleBone like White/Black/Green and not such a huge, feature-overloaded processor board which doesn’t has to do very much with the original BB?

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Maybe something like the Beaglebone Blue? Or the Pocket Beagle?

Not exactly. When thinking about the future of the BeagleBone, I would have expected something like what happened with the BeagleBone White: it was equipped with a faster processor and a few additional features, BUT came with exactly the same size and a lower price. The result was the Black.

What we see now are some boards that are incompatible and much more expensive. Looks like something completely different to me.

Well, BeagleBone AI-64 is more likely to be the exception than the rule. A larger form-factor was needed to accommodate all the features, but we are certainly will be doing more boards in the same size as BealgeBone Black with full or near mechanical compatibility.


Oh, and the PocketBeagle form-factor is also very interesting and I very much want to keep it going too.


These are great news, good to hear the BB is not a dead end! :slight_smile: