What improvements would you like to see in the GNU toolchain for PRU?

Do you use GCC for PRU? If yes, please vote on what improvements you would like to see. If you don’t currently use it - vote on what would make you “do the switch” :slight_smile:

I’ve listed a few directions below, in the order I’m currently working on as a GCC PRU maintainer. Vote to get a chance to rearrange the priorities.


  • Improve the generated code quality for C/C++.
  • Publish more examples.
  • Expand the documentation for existing examples.
  • Improve toolchain’s documentation.
  • Port GDB.
  • Other (please leave a comment to explain).
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Please provide a link to the pru/io.h file. It is not found in the tree. It is referenced in the cpp source of the led example.

The I/O header is part of the gnuprumcu package: https://github.com/dinuxbg/gnuprumcu/blob/master/include/pru/io.h

The header is already available if you are using the gcc-pru package from RCN’s beagleboard Debian images, or if you download the prebuilt cross compilers from the release page.

Where is the actual source code that is used for the blob?

are you thinking? GitHub - dinuxbg/pru-gcc-examples: Simple example projects for PRU-GCC