What is EatherCat? and why it could be important?

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I notice the new beaglebone doesn’t have the EtherCat functionality. Im wondering as to what this means. I notice that both have Ethernet so why is this Ethercat important?

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EtherCAT is an industrial automation protocol over Etherent. http://www.ethercat.org/
EtherCAT is important if you need it.

EtherCAT support is provided by Ethernet PHYs connected to the PRU pins.
These connections are not available on the BBB.


Look at evm335x it supports this Industrial communication has to do with what’s brought out from SOc

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Its a real shame that the PRU’s PHY ports did’nt make it to the headers. Not only is it ethercat, its Profinet as well.

TI do have a board ( the ICE ) that has the two PRU ports avaialble ( but ironically not the ethernet ). And theres actually two ethernet ports avaialble on teh chip, and TI has yet another board that has them avaialble.

It is what it is.

Not as shame. A decision. The pins were used by other functions. To build a board that could use all functions of the all pins, that would be a very big and very expensive board with hundreds of jumpers. And the confusion factor would be off the chart.

As you say, there are those other board that you can buy if you really need it. As it is, this is the about the fourth time someone has asked for the feature.