What is need to do to get selected in Beagle board in GSoc 2017 ?

Hi all,

little intro,

I am Vipin Chaudhary , a CSE undergrad in IIIT Delhi, India. I am a competitive programmer, Android developer, Web developer , IOS developer, CV enthusiast, Open Source Lover etc.

I had done 6 internships so far in last one and half year of my Btech. I handled 3 internships concurrently along with my College studies.

I have a good working experience in 12-13+ languages inlcuding C, C++, Python, Java, Matlab, Js, AngularJs, Jquery, Php etc . and popular frameworks like Android(Java), Django(python), Codeignitor(Php), openCV(C++),JavaFx etc.

Now the question,

Now as i’ve written above, i have enough knowledge to participate but i dont know where to begin to get selected in your organisation in GSOC 2017 so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


here is my GitHub profile : https://github.com/vipin14119