What is the best beagleboard products distributor (France) ?

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in purchasing the Beaglebone Black and I’m wondering if all of the 4 distributors are equally reliable especially in terms of delivery delay, knowing that I live in France.

Thanks by advance for your help.

Farnell in UK. Full stop.

Why that ?

What makes them superior to the others ?

Super huge collection.
Good price tags.
No minimum order.
Low shipping charge.
Free shipping available for low minimum order.
Backorders can be shipped without additional charges.
High quality UK products such as Raspberry Pi.
You can even order hazard items such as rechargeable batteries through bullet trains or trucks.

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Ok, that’s interesting.
I’ve been looking for a case and there are plenty of them, most are not specifically designed for BB black, is there one you’d recommend ?

I cant’ say it is a perfect case but still good enough to protect from daily dust.

Also, many 3D printable models designed by other users: