What is the best working OS in BB-XM ?

I’ve been so tired on getting a web server with MySQL up and running smoothly on BB, first I’ve used the original shipped version on uSD, after a lot of reading and configuring, I found missing library for Apache, the parser Module: libphp5.so, then I remove it and got reading about Cherokee, which didn’t go easy and complex more than my favorite Apache, then I’ve tried now Lighttpd, and I will see. My questions is: 1. Is there any ready image with LAMP ? 2. Angstrom is good but buggy in web core service, Ubuntu is heavy and missing lots of drivers for BB-XM ! what really is good for BB-XM ? I appreciate positive feedback from BB Gurus thanks in advance .

"Ubuntu is heavy and missing lots of drivers for BB-XM" which "lots"
of drivers are we missing?


Dear Nelson, Thanks for your attention, I’m a big fan of your work, and follows your site on https://github.com/RobertCNelson, I’ve followed the steps mentioned on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) as recommend by users for the BB-XM on some sites; rather than the Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Texas Instruments OMAP3 (Hard-Float) preinstalled server image.

I’ve used the Ubuntu 11.10 Texas Instruments OMAP3 preinstalled Server image, worked image for server didn’t missing driver for both Monitor or Network,

I really would be glad, if you can give me recommendation / guidelines , or having a Mastered-Built image Ubuntu Sever based ? it would be a great for many of the BB fans as well …

Thanks again for your attention. Best regards,

Ah, well there's your problem.. :wink:

Use one of the Demo Images from: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Demo_Image

Which is actually created by the feedback in this actual community... :wink:


Got a similiar Ubuntu image for Panda?

It's the same image for the Beagleboard Bx/Cx, xM, BeagleBone, Panda,
and Panda_es.. :wink:


Many thanks again, I will test try it right now, Best Regards,

Hi Lazarman, yes you can use it too, the image “Precise 12.04 armhf” , dated September 27th is for both BBXM/Panda with v3.2.30-x14 kernel, as mentioned on the page.

Mr. Nelson , It is a GOLD Image !! It is really fast , monitor and network works very well, only I need to ask you I can’t connect via SCP, is it installed ? or which **apt-get** you recommend ? thanks a lot :slight_smile:

openssh-server is installed by default (with default settings, port
22) in that image... So the most you'd have to do is copy your public
keyfile over to it...


I have found myself in the same situation as you… I’m working in my BB xM with the Ubuntu Minimal 11.04 from mr Nelson, I’m using mysql to manage a database and I’m also running a web service… I have notice that the filesystem gets corrupted about each three days because of the constant r/w to the DB which is in the default directory of mysql. As for the OS, the image has worked really well (I have video output, network connection and all that) but the problem now is that I haven’t been able to have the DB directory in a external HD, which would prevent the damages in the filesystem each three days, by the r/w load or any powerfail or something… I can tell you the Ubuntu MInimal images from mr Nelson work really good, now if you want, you can try some of the angstrom rootfs which are really lights, or you can try the Ubuntu Core which I haven’t been able to run in my beagleboard yet… Nice to find someone that has a working progress close to what I am doing too… Hope to read some feedback from you and keep in contact, cheers


If your already using an external HD for the database, just move the
whole rootfs to the external harddrive. :wink:

Just use the "netinstall"

and select the external usb sata drive as the rootfs, in the partition
options, then the mmc/sd card is only used for bootup...

That's the setup I use with my beagle/panda farm, the drives are also
externally powered by a ups, so i don't have to rely on the
beagle/panda providing all the power for the drives to operate..

Even when running 24/7 at 100% load, i have a few that have been
running non-stop for a year (besides reboots needed for kernel/rootfs

Simple answer: get the rootfs off the crappy mmc's drives. :wink:

The other option is to setup the mmc-rootfs partition to be
"read-only" but this is much more more involved. I have another
beagle system setup like that, that has been outdoors/solarpowerd for
a good year and a half..


Nice to read from you mr Nelson, I’m an active follower of your work in embedded systems. I was already thinking about getting the rootfs in the external drive, so far, when a SD gets corrupted I just have to change it for a new one with my fresh untared rootfs. The thing is that the beagle is in a remote place and I’m afraid of a possible crash, as replacing a SD card is quite easier than replacing a HD, maybe the server could be down longer than the normal. I have created a script to make a DB backup (in a network shared folder) every hour in case of a corruption, but the goal would be to have the DB in a external HD. About your answer I see that you haven’t had any problems with the rootfs in the external drive (I guess that farm is where you compile all your releases) and that you have been running those boards for more that a year, maybe that should be solution. I will give it a try, and see what happens, thank you very much for taking your time to comment on my case,

best regards,

Victor Vargas

Ah for that type of remote system, I'd really look in to readonly-root..

There's a guide here:

But i should really sit down and write a wiki article or a script to
automate it.. As it is a little involved to setup for the first
time... But once setup, no matter what happens with power cycles, (as
long as your aren't logged in and have the rootfs remounted as rw)
nothing should affect it..

With my solar/beagle project, using ext4, the mmc card seemed to only
last about a week, before it was so corrupted it just wouldn't boot..
Switching to readonly-root I haven't touched it in over a year.

Your external usb drive holding the database can still be corrupted,
but as long as the system comes up, you have a good chance to "fix"
any possible damages...


Well, finally a couple of friends help me to get mysql managing the databases located in the external HDD, that should take a lot of load off the mmc, however in the future I will be looking forward your approach about the readonly rootfs, or at least some directories that are just for read purposes… Even the idea of having the rootfs in the HD makes sense to me, I will see. Thank you very much for your directions mr Nelson,

best regards,

Victor Vargas